Continuing The Conversation.

The I-295 Malcolm X Avenue Interchange Improvement project team is committed to communicating with residents, ANC commissioners, civic organization leaders, businesses owners, and other stakeholders to provide periodic updates on the status of the project.

Our engagement team continues to inform and involve the public during the COVID-19 public health emergency by offering a number of sources and services.

Learn and Participate.

In an effort to maintain and support the engagement of impacted and affected community members, the I-295/Malcolm X Avenue Interchange Improvement Project has developed an Information & Education Program.

Our team will regularly share electronic fact sheets for community members and the public. Topics will include project site history, design elements, environmental impact, economic benefits, and workforce development opportunities.

Ask Us.

You are always encouraged to submit your questions, comments, and recommendations through our Contact page. We appreciate your input and use your questions to update our FAQ.

Follow Us.

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for daily construction activities and weekly progress updates.

Meet Us.

Interested in learning more about the project and how it impacts your community?

You can request a virtual visit from our engagement team! We will provide your group with the latest project updates and facilitate a Q&A session. We are happy to have a project representative present at your virtual meeting. Just send us an email at info@295malcolmxproject.com with your name, contact information, organization name, and meeting details.

Want to learn more about the project but don’t have the ability to create and/or host an online meeting?

No problem. We can offer our tools and expertise to host an online meeting for your group. In an effort to remain accessible, our meeting platform allows attendees to join by landline, cellphone, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Send us an email at info@295malcolmxproject.com for more information.